Duck in a Pond

Today I finished this new Pastel,  made on 50 x 70 cm sanded paper.  It is made after a photo by a friend. I was quite happy with the result, untill I gave it Fixative, which made it more grainy than I like. I know this can be a problem, if you want to make the pigment stick to the paper and it seems, I have this problem every now and then. Quite frustrating, because this took me days to paint and it is pretty large too. Oh well. On a  distance you dont see the grain.  Only if you study the image very close.

Duck in a Pond
Duck in a Pond

En tanke om "Duck in a Pond"

  1. Dear Helle,
    Love your photograpphs but…
    I fell in love with the duck pond…and loved the cheeky portrait..
    and your comment: doing when you do not know what to do…
    to me this could be a daytime job for you.
    I adored all very very nice to have people that gifted.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Love and Light, Cat

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