About me

Helle’s Oasis is a private online art exhibition which is unique in its variety of style and technique.

The artist, Helle Anker Heggelund of Denmark, has been experimenting and creating different sorts of artistic work since early age, always striving to achieve something new and exciting.

Helle’s work is influenced by her surroundings. The danish landscapes ever changing through the seasons, the faces of people and animals (yes, Helle loves all living beings evenly) and the never ending fascination of still objects, are all expressed here in a versatile fashion using a range of tools for the specific purpose, from a simple brush to advanced computer programs.

This gallery is divided into three main sections which roughly points to Helle’s areas of interest:

  • Traditional art which she observed through the years and inherited from her mother.
  • Digital art which caught her during the last decade.
  • Photography which become her third favorite hobby

Enjoy the site and remember that also on the Internet private images are copyrighted, and one has to acquire permission from the owner in order to use them.